February 23, 2017 11:09 am

Louellen Coker
Rocking KAST Reflections Capris at the Rock-N-Roll NOLA 10K. Can’t help but feel good after a race when the lively photographer loves your tights! 😉

There’s no better feeling than to cross the finish line and hear the photographer call out, “Giiirrrl, look at you rocking those adorable tights. I’ve just gotta get a photo of you!” Especially when you’ve been crossing finish lines for 20 years and it’s the first time for that to happen. I’ve recently stumbled upon KAST Fitness Wear and I couldn’t be more tickled to have the opportunity to share these fun and functional fitness capris and leggings.

I purchased my first pair of KAST authentic Brazilian capris last fall shortly before heading out for a weeklong women’s only surf and yoga camp in El Salvador with SwellWomen. I had never surfed in tights, so I was a bit dubious. To be honest, I had visions of all sorts of funny stories about wardrobe malfunctions resulting from the purchase.

After the first couple of waves I regretted that I had only the one pair for the week. These tights not only look good, they’re uber comfortable, have built-in spf 50, and they stay in place! Not once did the waistband roll down. Not once did a wave wash them askance. Not once did I need to fiddle or even think about any sort of wardrobe malfunction. All I had to think about was catching that wave.

I ended up wearing those tights every moment I was chasing waves that week. It will take some convincing, or wetsuit worthy cold water, for me not to wear them when surfing. They’re like a second skin!

I’ve since purchased two pairs of brightly colored tights and have worn them for running and yoga. Again, extremely comfortable and fit so well that I never had to give them a second thought. Even better, I’ve gotten compliments every time I’ve worn them.

I am thrilled with the opportunity to be a brand ambassador for KAST Fitness Wear. KAST capris and leggings are not only fun and functional, they make you look and feel good as you’re chasing that wave, running that extra mile, or nailing that new yoga pose.

If you’ve not obtained a pair, you’re missing out! Pop on over to the KAST Fitness Wear website to learn more about their product, see their fun designs, and consider giving them a try.

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