Ground Rules

Journey Monkeys was started to share information about the journeys of Duane and Louellen Coker with their family, friends, and anyone interested in similar journeys. Our primary goal is to offer an environment of information sharing, and in that vein, we have set up some ground rules for our blog.

Copyright Ground Rules

We believe in protecting the intellectual property rights of creative material, and have provided appropriate attribution/citations to works of others who are referenced in our posts. All information, graphics, white papers, documents, content, and software available on this site are copyrighted materials of Content Solutions and protected by all applicable copyright laws and regulations.

Feel free to quote anything from this blog, with a link to this blog or Content Solutions as a source, remembering that this is copyrighted material. (Be reasonable… a paragraph or two should be sufficient.) If you choose to republish any of our articles without permission or proper attribution, we will pursue you and ask that you remove it.

Commenting Ground Rules

We are pretty easy going, but we don’t want our blog (which we work hard to make a place of value for our readers) to be taken advantage of and used in ways that don’t bring value to our community.

Our advice to those who are commenting on any blog is to remember that your comments are a part of your online profile (aka who you are and what you stand for). We encourage you to heed our founder’s mother’s advice: “When you feel you need to comment on someone’s opinion, be gracious and make sure you add value to both you and the person to whom you are providing the comment.” (Ok, so Louellen’s mother was a Kindergarten teacher and it came out more like “talk to others the way you want to be talked to” more often than not. But we think you get the gist!)

We love comments on our blog

Comments are just as important as anything we write ourselves. This site is about creating a community of sharing knowledge, and we encourage you to have your say.

We encourage healthy debates

In no way do we anticipate that everybody will agree with what we have to say. And, in fact, there will be times that we’ll play devil’s advocate for the fun of it (and to draw some of our silent follows out). Comment, disagree, agree, debate to your heart’s content. We will not, however, in any shape, form, or fashion tolerate anything that even resembles disrespect to the blog authors and those who chose to leave comments. These types of comments will be removed immediately.

We delete spam

We do have spam filters set up, but there are a few from creative spammers that will inevitably get through. These are deleted immediately!

We actively encourage relevant links

This is one of those slippery slope areas that can get spammy very quickly. (Reread our feelings about spam in the previous section!) If you’re leaving a comment on our blog and want to point to a link on your or someone else’s site that is relevant to the topic, go right ahead. This type of linking adds to the conversation and improves the blog.

We actively discourage irrelevant links

If you’re including a link within the comments that add no relevance to the post you are commenting on, please understand when we don’t publish it. We’re a community focused on sharing information. In no way are we an arena for flagrant self-promotion.

We allow signatures in comments

See policy on irrelevant links, just substitute the word “signature” for “link” (the fifth word in). In case you didn’t get it, I’ll repeat: We’re a community focused on sharing information. In no way are we an arena for flagrant self-promotion.

Writing Ground Rules

We are open to guest bloggers. If you would like to contribute to our body of knowledge, please feel free to contact us by going to the contact page on the Content Solutions website. Let us know some of the specifics about which you’d like to post and how to contact you and we’ll go from there. You can get a decent idea of how we feel about content in our Commenting Ground Rules section. If you’re not willing to play by those rules. Please don’t waste our time, or yours, with unnecessary queries.

Advertising Ground Rules

We are also open to advertising services that are of value to our colleagues and clients. However, if you you are promoting legal services or writing, editing, graphic design, or web design services, please understand that, as our founders from Duane L. Coker & Associates, PC and  Content Solutions have put a great deal of time and effort into creating and maintaing this blog, and as such, we will limit advertising in those areas to them.

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